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What are Agents and Brokers?

Insurance experts are specially trained to assist you in signing up for a health insurance plan. Agents may work with just one insurance company, while brokers can offer options from multiple companies. The great news is, there’s no extra cost for their help when you enroll.

  • Both agents & brokers need to be licensed in their respective states and have official agreements to offer health plans from the Marketplace. In many states, brokers are obligated to prioritize your interests as a consumer.
  • Insurance companies often pay agents and brokers (“commissions”) for selling their plans. Keep in mind that some agents and brokers only deal with plans from the companies they represent.
  • Enrolling in a health plan through an agent or broker opens the door to potential savings like premium tax credits. Remember, to access these savings, the agent or broker needs to guide you through the Health Insurance Marketplace®.

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