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Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC)

Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC) is a financial benefit that reduces your monthly health insurance payment when you buy coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace®. It’s based on your estimated yearly income. Key Points: APTC lowers your monthly health insurance cost upfront. You estimate your income to determine eligibility. You may need to repay excess […]

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Insurance experts are specially trained to assist you in signing up for a health insurance plan.


A form of financial support you might receive from a partner you used to live with or an ex-partner.

Actuarial Value

A way of measuring how much of your health care costs your insurance plan will cover.

Annual Limit

The maximum amount that your insurance company will pay towards your health care costs in a year.

Accountable Care Organization

A group of physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers working together to provide high-quality, coordinated patient care.

Annual Deductible Combined

The total amount that family members in health insurance must pay out of pocket for medical care or prescription drugs before health insurance begins to pay.

Affordability Exemption

A type of exemption that someone can claim to qualify for Catastrophic Coverage, along with hardship exemptions.

Allowed Amount

The maximum amount a plan will pay for covered health care services.


A request to your health insurer or the Health Insurance Marketplace® to reconsider a decision that denies a benefit or payment.