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Marketplace Health Insurance

Creditable Coverage

Prior health insurance from diverse sources. Reduces waiting periods for pre-existing conditions in new job-based plans. Keep your coverage history intact.

Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR)

Extra savings to ease healthcare costs. Enroll in a Silver plan in the Marketplace to qualify. Lower out-of-pocket max and potential extra savings.

Cost Sharing

Your share of healthcare costs paid out of pocket, even with insurance. Includes deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments.


Your fixed, upfront share of healthcare costs. It’s a set amount, due at the time of service. Helps make healthcare expenses predictable.

Coordination of Benefits

Avoiding insurance confusion when multiple plans cover the same claim. Clarifying who pays first for smoother claims processing.


Sharing the cost of covered expenses. After meeting your deductible, you pay a percentage.


A safety net for continued health coverage post-job loss or qualifying events. Pay full premiums plus a small fee for uninterrupted insurance.


A unique insurance model where members are owners. From healthcare providers to businesses, co-ops offer coverage through the Marketplace.